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Darlin' Doe Farm would like to provide a safe place for individuals with and without disabilities to participate in therapeutic animal care and husbandry. Inviting children, teens, and adults to come to our farm, interact with animals and feel a connection and healing that only animals can provide.  Sitting in the barn petting a goat or taking the goats for a walk in the woods are just a couple activities we can offer. Goats are compassionate and are delighted to be around people and people can find healing and self-confidence when around goats. They can also just make you laugh which can be just the situation needed for a person who is battling grief or loss. We would also like to offer a weekend or week-long day camp summer sessions for children to connect with animals to learn kindness and compassion.

In 2014, I was excited to get a small program together to work on the farm with people with disabilities. Working closely with a group home in Germantown, I was able to provide an internship for a man who was eager to help, who found comfort with handling the goats and empowerment with doing farm work.  I would love for this program to invite more individuals but can not do this without financial assistance and donations.

Please consider making a donation today to help get this program started.