Little Darlings Farm School

Little Darlings Farm School provides a safe space for children ages 1 – 5 years old to learn the love of education through play, discovery and nature.  We want to inspire a love of learning in a safe community.  This experience is important for our children to learn in a hands-on and non-competitive environment at their own pace.  Our children will learn how to be an individual within a supportive community.  We want to nurture the whole child during this stage of development, providing the groundwork for teaching kindness as well as creating an ethical, empathic and socially aware foundation.  

Little Darlings Farm School is located at 75 Palatine Park Road and is within walking distance to the town playground, nature trails, and the Germantown library.  Little Darlings Farm School is presented by Darlin’ Doe Farm LLC and we will create classes that include farming (watching chicks hatch from eggs), gardening (we will grow plants in the classroom and outside), bring in small animals from the farm such as rabbits, baby chicks and baby goats to learn about animal husbandry. Children will create art using natural found items like pinecones, leaves, and twigs.  We will also have movement classes like yoga and dance. 

At Little Darlings Farm School, we want to teach our children about taking care of ourselves, our community and being thankful for the natural world around us. We want to encourage our children to become good stewards of the earth. 


Little Darlings Farm School is located off the farm at 75 Palatine Park Road, Suite #6, Germantown NY 12526.  

We will also organize family field trips to Darlin’ Doe Farm at 305 Wire Road, Germantown NY 12526 once a month (Summer and Fall)

Class Times and Costs

MONDAYS 9am-12pm / TUESDAYS 9am-12pm / FRIDAYS 9am-12pm $30/per class $300/ 10 class card (and get one class free)

If you would like more information please email and follow us on Instagram @littledarlingsfarmschool

Get to know the teachers! 


Dana is an artist and co-owner/farmer at Darlin' Doe Farm LLC.  Prior to farming, Dana spent four years as a head teacher in a non-profit parent cooperative preschool in Brooklyn NY. She lead art and gardening classes and week long art camp for the preschool as well. In her artistic career, Dana's work has been exhibited worldwide in Museums, galleries, art fairs and is in the permanent collection of the Limerick City Gallery of Art in Ireland.  As a new mother, Dana is finding herself wanting to share the love of farming, nature and art with children in her community. When Dana is not at school you can find her on the farm taking care of goats, hiking with her two dogs, baking savory pies, making homemade pasta from scratch, and making art. 


Triona grew up splitting her time between Chestnut Hill, PA and the banks of the Susquehanna River in northeast Pennsylvania. She started babysitting for the next door neighbors when she was ten, and continued caring for children of all ages on a regular basis for the next decade. She attended Hamilton College in Clinton NY, where she majored in Photography and film history. After moving to the Hudson Valley in 2010 to work at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, she ended up working at Etsy for over 6 years before leaving in August 2018 to focus on her art full time. As an artist, use of textiles and natural materials has always been an important part of her work, which is what led her to cyanotypes as her current focus. She is thrilled to be working with children again and has already had so much fun spending time with your little ones. When she’s not at Little Darlings, you can find her at her house in Hollowville making art, gardening, and looking for frogs with her husband in the stream out back.


Hello there!   My name is Rebecca, and I live on my great grandfathers farm in Columbia county with my partner, Steven, and our one year old little girl.  I was born in Seattle, raised in Sweden, but always spent summers on the family farm, which has been our full time home for the past three years now.  Despite multiple degrees in other areas, I have been working in the service industry for almost 15 years. I currently work at Gaskins in Germantown, just down the road from Little Darlings farm school.  I have known Dana’s partner for about 20 years, and have known Dana for about 3 years. And being the person that Dana is, I was beyond thrilled when she asked if I wanted to join her and be a part of her farm school! I have always loved being surrounded by children, watching them learn and explore the world around them. I am so looking forward to experiencing the future of Little Darlings!